Self-experience: is it possible to learn something new every day?

Time escapes me. Days, weeks, months, my feeling is that there is no time for anything. I don’t understand how it happened, but since coronavirus time runs away faster than ever before. Every weekend I think about what I did that week, and notice that I did many things, but the outcomes feel negligible. I have thought about that feeling and what is different on the days that I feel were actually successful. I now realize that my definition of a successful day is when I have learned something.

I have a massive list of things I want to learn in my life.  The list gets longer from year to year seemingly without progress.

My “want to learn” list:

  • become a business psychologist
  • become a communication designer
  • learn drawing and do sketchnotes
  • learn to work with graphic tools
  • become a storyteller
  • learn using the pyramidal principle for presentations and argumentations
  • learn guitar
  • know some fancy Chinese characters
  • learn speaking and writing English fluently
  • learn some new yoga and dance techniques
  • learn how to optimize my rhetoric skills
  • learn some UX-design principles
  • learn the most significant product design principles
  • learn speed reading
  • learn techniques to learn something new faster
  • learn fancy new creativity methods to create fresh ideas and bold visions
  • learn to think more like a scientist
  • learn more self-management tools

Yesterday I had a walk with a friend, and we talked about a new project in our lives. My idea was to integrate a small every day learning from my list.

What is my definition of learning?

Sure, we can say it would be if I have learned some new facts, like some new English vocabulary or a new piece of useful information, so-called factual knowledge.

Additionally, I consider learning to have happened when I begin to think differently about a topic. Perhaps I have new facts and beliefs around something. Perhaps I have changed my mind because I changed my perspective or viewpoint, or understood that there are various ways to think about something, or perhaps I have just decided intuitively to change my mind, as we sometimes do with dogmas from childhood. Another way of learning could be described as having had a new thought in some area or about some person.

And there is more. Sometimes I know something – often factual knowledge – without understanding it. I notice it at the moment I have to transfer the knowledge to use for a task. If I try to do this and can’t, I realize then that I don’t actually understand it. In those cases, I read many different sources and talk about the material as long as it takes to understand it, and then the great feeling, the aha-moment happens. I love this.

Why do I love it?

I have five values I have chosen for my life. One of these values is self-development and learning. If I have consciously learned something, then I think the day was successful and I am happy. To me this feels like a day that was worth living.

When will I start?

I started today and enrolled in a course:


My first learning was a realization of something I had forgotten.

What I realized, once again, is that good software can also influence moods.

For a short homework assignment I had to explain a scenario in which software had changed an initial emotional state which was then mediated and improved by a design feature.

The first product which came to mind was MURAL.

I love to work with MURAL because this software supports the creation of online meetings and workshops to the maximum, and at the same time, it stimulates creativity so that it is easy and intuitive to design unique and unforgettable workshops with it.

I have had many situations in which I was in a stressed-out mood, which was then mediated and improved by the design features within the product.

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