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Infographic FOCUS

Infographic FOCUS

Why is focus a problem on teams?

The focus problem very often comes up when companies or teams are not doing well and do not know how to become successful again. They try to fix it via working more and harder. They are only reacting without stopping to analyze the problem. The thought is that there are a lot of things to do and then everything will be just like before. They don’t understand that doing the same things does not help in getting new results. If teams and companies want to reach a new goal, they must act differently than before. And for that, a lot of time for preparation, analysis, and creativity is necessary, but this extra preparation time is often not taken because everyone wants to reach the new goals quickly and without making any real changes.


Methods for focus in Teams:

Help every team member understand which goals are set and how individual development goals relate to the business goals. Help each person understand which daily tasks help to reach business goals. Make success measurable with KPIs. Start every day with a short check-in to ensure everyone is on track. Create a not-to-do list with the team based on which of the tasks haven’t had an impact on the goals of the team? Decide at the end of each day which are the three most critical tasks for the next day. Define what the outcome of the team is? Be aware of the critical balance between short and long-term goals. Do reviews every month with a critical check of which goals have been reached and which have not, and define why some goals are not being reached.

How can I check whether my team is focused or not?

      1. All meetings are well-prepared
      2. All meetings are time-boxed
      3. For each meeting, an agenda
      4. In meetings, only people who are necessary for the topics of the meeting are in attendance
      5. Every team member knows what his or her role is
      6. The team is thrilled about the work
      7. The team laughs a lot together
      8. The team has time to chat and talk about this and that
      9. Every task which is possible to do in an asynchronous way is done that way
      10. Every team member can clearly articulate what the actual to-dos are and knows when he or she needs help or support
      11. The team knows when a goal is reached and celebrates success
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